International support

Paradocs Media provides international support for clients' projects - from television channels and independent production companies - on an outsourcing basis.

Today, the share of documentary films on the Russian television market that include foreign participants, foreign filming, or use of foreign archives is quite small. Having dedicated on-staff employees who are fluent in foreign languages and have experience in international production is not always economically viable. At the same time, we would like to direct the attention of Russian television companies and independent producers of documentary films toward the many professional events in the sphere of documentary television that are happening abroad and can be very useful for their business development. We offer Russian clients our help in selecting the most appropriate international forums to develop their documentary business, and help them to take part in.

Our agency provides international support for independent documentary film-makers and television channels' business projects on an outsourcing basis.

These services include, but are not limited to:

Participation in the industry events:


1. Selecting the television/documentary industry events most appropriate for the client.

2. Preparing projects for presentation on foreign markets, forums and round tables, including speechwriting on a given subject.

3. Developing a programme of participation in foreign television markets and festivals: initiating and launching seminars, conferences, round tables, and so on.

4. Organizing the technical aspects of participating in international festivals and markets, including renting and constructing exhibition stands, developing and designing catalogues and leaflets, preparing a calendar of meetings, help in conducting negotiations, organizing presenations, press screenings, and news conferences. Additional information is available in the section «Distribution».

Providing foreign components in the production of Russian documentary films and Russian components for foreign production:


1. Finding and organizing interviews with foreign/Russian characters and experts.

2. Working with foreign/Russian archives.

3. Selecting foreign/Russian partners for client projects.

4. Helping to conduct negotiations with the client's foreign/Russian partners.


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