In 2018 we are opening a new division to bring best world documentaries to Russian universities. Our new mission is also to help non-profit and cultural organizations in Russia in hosting public screenings of the most discussing foreign documentary films.


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Since its inception, Paradocs Media has been promoting Russian documentary films to the foreign market. We work with leading foreign television channels, large western distributors and regional foreign television companies that have documentary slots.

Our sales policy combines direct cooperation with potential license purchasers and offering programmes on foreign markets.


The history of our company began in 2008, when we became the official distributor for a number of documentary films from Masterskaya Production company. In April 2009 Paradocs Media debuted at MIPDOC / MIPTV in Cannes. It was a great honour for us to represent there our partner, the leading Russian producer of documentary television films, Masterskaya Production. Paradocs Media went to Cannes as the official distributor of Masterskaya Production' documentaries. In this role, we undertook all the preparations for organizing our partner's participation in MIPDOC and MIPTV - two of the most important annual events in the world of documentary film and television. These preparations included negotiations with French representatives, renting, designing, and building the company's exhibition stand, preparing and printing the necessary catalogues and leaflets, and organizing and conducting negotiations to promote Masterskaya Production on a broad market.


Превью для stand_1.jpg Превью для stand_2.jpg Превью для stand_3.jpg Превью для stand_4.jpg


We also introduced and promoted Masterskaya Production programmes at MIPDOC showcase: according to the available data, interest in these documentaries exceeded all expectations. The total number of screenings of Masterskaya Production six films presented at MIPDOC in 2009 was 128 which, and according to the showcase organizers' opinions, put these programmes in the running for the top 30 most screened documentaries at MIPDOC that year.


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