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For some, the unexplored, enigmatic island of Sakhalin is Russia's Galapagos. Europeans call it "the Earth's end", yet inhabitants consider the island the beginning, as morning begins earlier there than elsewhere. And Sakhalin today could be how the Earth looked at the beginning of time. In parts, grasses create impenetrable forests and burdock thickets envelop horse-riders.

Seven time zones from Moscow, Sakhalin is home to hundreds of rare birds, fish and animals. Many species, like grey whales, are found only there. Yet this virgin nature also hides unprecedented oil reserves rivaling those of Europe and the US. Until recently, this treasure was inaccessible: frequent earthquakes and the threat of tsunamis made extraction impossible and ecologically disastrous. And Sakhalin just slept, guarding its untold riches, frozen in time and space. With technological advances, however, everything changed, and humankind's audacity defeated fear, presenting a challenge to nature. The island's rare nature seemingly faced destruction, having yielded to global business interests. However, a miracle occurred and this story of subjugation became one of an unprecedented union between civilization and nature. Experts consider the decision to protect Sakhalin's complex ecosystem unparalleled. This film charts the mystical island's history, from its creation to today.


Masterskaya Production, 2009, HD, 44/52 min.






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