Requirements for proposals

We accept submissions of script proposals with the intention of selecting them to produce in the future. Preference is given to subjects which could be interesting for international co-production, in other words subjects that would be of equal interest to both Russian and foreign audiences.

Paradocs Media does not use submitted proposals for negotiations with third parties (either foreign partners or Russian television channels) until a written contract with the creators has been signed. If your proposal interests us, we will invite you to sign a contract with our agency, and only after this we will begin working on the project.

The requirements for documentary proposals cited below are those developed by TV Channel "Russia" Documentaries Department for working with the authors and independent producers. We apply the same requirements to all incoming proposals at our agency.

If you would like to present your idea to us for production into a documentary film, we ask that you first familiarize yourself with these requirements pertaining to how you should lay out your proposal:

"As a rule, in the proposal present only the subject with a list of interesting facts. But a thematic presentation of the project only gives a sense of whether there is potential, whether there is the chance to create a film out of this material, or not. Therefore for an in-depth discussion of your project and in order to help us understand clearly what sort of film you are offering us, we need to have a script proposal.

In order to transform your ideas into a script proposal, you need to consider the subject, and determine the key story. For example, if it is a story about a personality, it has to be not just a simple biography, not a collection of interesting, intriguing facts, not an evaluation of the character with a list of his accomplishments, but a real story.

Answer this question clearly and succinctly, for us and for yourself: what is your film about?

As soon as this is clear, then all facts and details about the character's life, all the different episodes and events, must be selected and presented in reference to the character's story, and not just in biographical order.

In any case, the proposal must make absolutely clear:

- What is your basis for the drama/conflict

- What is the conflict that will lie at the heart of the story

- How are you going to hold the audience's attention.

The proposal is written freeform, as it is through this that you will express your individual creativity. The proposal should not be more than three pages long (not including information about the author - this is counted separately, see below).

In addition to the script proposal, please indicate:

- Your sources (literary, archives, and so on)

- What's special, exclusive about it (how are you going to make an impression). This might be having an agreement for access to a unique personality, possession of rare archives or your own footage.

-  Your bank of imagery and material (tangible)

-  Your consultant (if the subject requires one)

-  People who will be giving interviews (whose participation you deem vital and with whom you already have an agreement)

- Locations

-  Information about the presenter (if you are proposing one).


- Budget: it is not obligatory to provide us with budget calculations when submitting script proposal, but if you have already done them you can attach this information to the proposal.


Please, don't forget to:

-  Introduce the author (a short biography and description of experience in television/film and scriptwriting)

-  Introduce the director (a short biography and excerpts of documentary work)."


Proposals should be sent as Word files as an email attachment. Please do not forget to detail in the text of the proposal your name, contact telephone number and email address.

The agency will send a reply to the author within two weeks of receipt of the proposal.


Address for submitting proposals:




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