Agency database

Paradocs Media is a production agency: we attract our members ("participants") or find new professionals to work on specific documentary projects. To facilitate this, we are creating an agency database to collate all participants by their professional experience and skills, as well as knowledge of foreign languages, country-specific specializations, experience in production of different documentary genres, and so on. This database helps us to pull together a team quickly that optimally meets the demands of a new project.

If you are a professional in the field of documentary production or television at large, or are a print journalist, an international correspondent, historian, marketing specialist, or researcher, we invite you to join our agency database and connect with those of our projects that could be of greatest interest to you. We also invite independent television studios and production companies to become Paradocs Media database' participants. Your details will only be used for work on Paradocs Media'  projects. The database is not open to the public.

For inclusion in our database, please send us your resume (CV) and contact information with the subject heading 'New Participant' to:


In a brief accompanying letter, please tell us which Paradocs Media' activities are of greatest interest to you.



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