CEO & Founder

Violetta Nichkova, CEO & Founder



Born in 1974 in Moscow. Grew up in France.


Violetta graduated from the International Journalism department of Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO-University). She also studied in Switzerland, where she got a Bachelor of Art's degree in Business Communications and Public Relations from European University in Montreux. Subsequently she completed a short course in scriptwriting at Alexander Mitta's film-school.

Fluent in English and French.


In television, since 1998:

1998-2000: TV-reporter and PR consultant for ORT (former Channel One)' daily 3-hour information & entertainment program "Good morning".

2000-2001: The weekly analytical programme "Mejdunarodnaya panorama" ("The World This Week"), TV Channel "RUSSIA". Producer, commentator, and TV-reporter. She worked on organizing and conducting interviews with leading world politicians and newsmakers (among others, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, author and inventor Arthur C. Clarke, the EU's High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana, former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, former US Defense Secretary James Schlesinger, and more); prepared reports and commentary on major international events.


2001-2008: Editor-in-Chief / Commissioning editor at TV Channel "Russia"' Documentaries Department. In 2001 Violetta was invited to be included in work to create the channel's documentary slots. For the next several years TV Channel "Russia"'s volume of documentary programmes grew more than five times in comparison with 2001 figures, reaching 150 films a year.

As Editor-in-Chief / Commissioning editor of the Documentaries Department Violetta supervised the entire production process for documentary films, from the concept to the finished product, including choosing proposals, supervising script development,  oversight of the shooting and editing periods, producing shoots abroad,  and working with independent production companies. She also worked on co-productions with foreign television companies and was responsible for foreign documentaries acquisitions, including their preparation for broadcast.

She was the lead editor of more than 80 documentary films covering a wide array of topics.

Violetta was one of the first Russian speakers at the annual conference of the expert group of producers of the EBU Documentary Group - Sunny Side of the Doc, in Marseilles in 2005.


In December 2008 she founded and became CEO of Paradocs Media.



 Author of the documentary films:

«Spacemen. Life after fame» (RTR, former TV Channel "Russia", 2002)

«General Tsvigun. The last shot» (TV Channel "Russia", 2004)

«Vremya versus the Voice of America» (TV Channel "Russia", 2005)

«Prisoner of the Caucasus. Sergey Bodrov-junior» - co-author with Irina Ivashenko and Elena Rodrigues (TV Channel "Russia", 2006)

«Yulian Semyonov. Thought-provoking information» (TV Channel "Russia", 2006) - winner at the category Best Detective Story at the International Film Festival "Law&Society".


Chief-editor of the documentary films (selected information):

«Duel of the Security Services» (an 11-episode film)

«The Black Business of Developed Socialism. Underground Entrepreneurs»,

«Aleksandr Kaidanovsky. Tragedy of a Stalker»,

«The Drama of Tatyana Peltser»,

«The Curse of the Onassis Clan»,

«Powers-Abel. The Truth about the ‘Dead Season’»,

«Trial of Nerves. Cuban Missile Crisis» (co-production with ZDF)

«Make-up Artist. Professor of Disguise»,

«Broken Heart. Yevgeny Yevstigneyev»,

«Anti-killer Khokhlov. Confessions of a Traitor »,

«Fateful Decision»,

«The Banned Concert. An Unmusical Story»

«Secrets of the Loss of the Pakhtakor Team»

«Forensics. No Right to Errors»

«The Murder of the Royal Family. The Final Argument»

«Viktor Suvorov. Treason in Softcover»

«General Vlasov. A Story of Treachery»

«The Murder of Kennedy. The 13th Version»

«Tehran Labyrinth. Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt»

«The Battle of the Himalayas. An Adventurous Romance»

« Yeliseyevsky: to Pardon or to Execute»

«Beauty Soviet-Style. The Fate of the Mannequin»

«Sold. Forgotten. In Search of the Royal Tiaras»

«The Case of Lieutenant Schmidt»

«How General Mannerhreim Lied to Two Generals»

«The Riddle of Richard Sorge»

«The Bodensee Trap. Death on the Lake»

«Murder on Kutuzovsky. Zoya Fedorova»

«A Satellite Instead of a Bomb»

«The Last Will of Baron Stieglitz»

«Spiderweb. The Retail Mafia»

«The Cross versus the Swastika»

«Stalin and the Third Rome»

«To Kill Pol Pot»

«Stellar Love of Vitaly Solomin»

«The Last Role. Georgy Yumatov»

«The Orthodox World» (a 12-episodes film)


and others.




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